Joe Rogan Ancient Egypt

January 18 2023

This stuff makes me want to appreciate life and getting to witness this planet.

Neuroscience Meets Psychology | Dr. Andrew Huberman

December 26 2022
Neuroscience Meets Psychology | Dr. Andrew Huberman | EP 296

This podcast goes into the neurobiological processes behind the concepts I am exploring about the body and how we experience the world. I believe a lot of what we “feel” is actually much more heavily rooted in the body then most people know. These two men know otherwise. A lot of my knowledge and information on the body, and mind, has come to me organically through personal exploration and growth, so its always nice to find professionals validating my ideas. It also means I’m not crazy!!! How your body feels is how your mind experiences the world. If you can learn to master the “mind” that controls your body (Insular Cortex), you can control the nervous system, which frees the “conscious” mind (prefrontal cortex) to operate from a place of wisdom, multiple view points, various lenses, the void.

Sperm Competition Research

June 7 2022

Is the decreace in fertility of men cause women arent having as many partners? Less sperm competition.

Women Like Bick DICK and We Cannot Lie!

Women can cum as much as men but their minds stop them.

The orgasm gap matters for womens happiness in LIFE and her relationship.

Embodied – What Do I Mean?

June 7 2022

The human being should not merely be skilled for all sorts of ends, but should also acquire the disposition to choose nothing but good ends. Good ends are those which are necessarily approved by everyone and which can be the simultaneously ends of everyone (Cahn, 2012).

The thinking is problematic with education because morality is not easily deciphered in the manner that Kant claims. While people might (necessarily) agree with the idea that slavery is wrong, this does not mean that cultures do not practice it but call it something else. For example, from a western view, Islamic women might be considered enslaved due to religious practices and rules which limit their freedom and behaviors within society. The problem is that what Kant refers to as a maxim is not a consistent standard and can easily be manipulated due to the vast differences in what ethics and morality can be interpreted as across cultures and nations. This presents a severe issue for Kant’s view of education because it cannot be easily applied due to the fact that there are vast differences between groups concerning morality. This becomes further complicated in societies which practice diversity and have open education where many different cultures may interact.

There are also issues with Kant’s view of the authorities concerning education. Kant states that education should be determined by “enlightened experts” (Cahn, 2012). The problem in this case is- who will determine these experts” What is the criteria for determining the people who control the education process? More importantly is having only a select few in control of education a wise action? Education that is limited to scholastics and experts may have negative consequences because there is no outside input to question practices. This can lead to homogenized thinking such as in countries where education is highly controlled such as in countries where religion is a controlling force in education and free thought is not cultivated or respected above tradition and morality. While there is merit to Kant’s education views it may not be realistic in application.

Vincent Triola. Thu, Feb 18, 2021. Immanuel Kant & Human Nature Retrieved from

White Pill /First Principle Sex

June 6 2022

My core idea:

The possibility of how life could be if we took away the narratives of sex and sexuality. To be the example of how to enjoy sex and life, free of these narratives.

Sex is a bodily function of the human animal.

(Female vulnerability is our duty. Male bravery is theirs.)

First Principles of Human Sexuality Research

May 22 2022

Guidelines for Education within the Family
Love and Human Sexuality

10. Man is called to love and to self-giving in the unity of body and spirit. Femininity and masculinity are complementary gifts, through which human sexuality is an integrating part of the concrete capacity for love which God has inscribed in man and woman. “Sexuality is a fundamental component of personality, one of its modes of being, of manifestation, of communicating with others, of feeling, of expressing and of living human love”. This capacity for love as self-giving is thus “incarnated” in the nuptial meaning of the body, which bears the imprint of the person’s masculinity and femininity. “The human body, with its sex, and its masculinity and femininity, seen in the very mystery of creation, is not only a source of fruitfulness and procreation, as in the whole natural order, but includes right ?from the beginning’ the ?nuptial’ attribute, that is, the capacity of expressing love: that love precisely in which the man-person becomes a gift and — by means of this gift — fulfils the very meaning of his being and existence”. Every form of love will always bear this masculine and feminine character.

11. Human sexuality is thus a good, part of that created gift which God saw as being “very good”, when he created the human person in his image and likeness, and “male and female he created them” (Genesis 1:27). Insofar as it is a way of relating and being open to others, sexuality has love as its intrinsic end, more precisely, love as donation and acceptance, love as giving and receiving. The relationship between a man and a woman is essentially a relationship of love: “Sexuality, oriented, elevated and integrated by love acquires truly human quality”. When such love exists in marriage, self-giving expresses, through the body, the complementarity and totality of the gift. Married love thus becomes a power which enriches persons and makes them grow and, at the same time, it contributes to building up the civilization of love. But when the sense and meaning of gift is lacking in sexuality, a “civilization of things and not of persons” takes over, “a civilization in which persons are used in the same way as things are used. In the context of a civilization of use, woman can become an object for man, children a hindrance to parents…”.

First Principles

May 19 2022

Elon Musks’ “3-Step” First Principles Thinking: How to Think and Solve Difficult Problems Like a Genius

In layman’s terms, first principles thinking is basically the practice of actively questioning every assumption you think you ‘know’ about a given problem or scenario — and then creating new knowledge and solutions from scratch. Almost like a newborn baby.

On the flip side, reasoning by analogy is building knowledge and solving problems based on prior assumptions, beliefs and widely held ‘best practices’ approved by majority of people.

People who reason by analogy tend to make bad decisions, even if they’re smart.

Mayo Oshin


March 8 2022


February 22 2022

Sexually Awakened Women

February 22 2022


July 3 2021

“Man causes ‘fear and alarm’ in Perth city centre shop toilets”

June 26 2021

“Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie | Official Author Website”

June 24 2021

“Embroidery Patches — JESS DE WAHLS”

June 23 2021

“A gendered soul? | Debbie Hayton | The Critic Magazine”

June 22 2021

“Deconstructing Trans Rhetoric – Random Musings”

June 21 2021

“Intersex has no biological overlap with gender dysphoria – Ko-fi”

June 20 2021

“What the media gets wrong on gender reassignment”

June 20 2021

Two things can be true at the same time. First, the Republican-backed state laws banning medical gender-transition treatment for youth — one has already passed in Arkansas — are a very bad idea. Second, there is a serious dearth of solid evidence in this area of medicine — and some reasons to be genuinely concerned about these treatments.

If you’re a consumer of mainstream American media, you’ve likely received a heaping dose of the first message. But the second, if you’ve encountered it at all, has probably been presented to you as a deeply unscientific, bigoted…

Jesse Singal

“The sexual assault of sleeping women: the hidden, horrifying rape crisis in our bedrooms | Rape and sexual assault | The Guardian”

June 15 2021

“School shooter who targeted ‘transphobic’ classmates convicted of 46 counts, including murder | The Post Millennial”

June 12 2021

“In the trans debate, feminists cannot sit on the fence – spiked”

June 3 2021

“No Single-Sex School Lavatories, Locker Rooms, Showers, Sports – US Dept of Ed Decides | Women Are Human”

June 3 2021

“Shalyn’s Story: Out of My Closet & On With My Life”

June 3 2021

“Exploring best practice and research in sexual violence. A loud voice in the fight against victim blaming.”

June 3 2021
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